What did we do?

  • We worked in teams of four
  • We developed a 360 degrees campaign.
  • Concept of being young and rebel.
  • Colaboration with Sara Herranz who is a very well-known Spanish Illustrator. Combining Marco Aldany with Sara Herranz is a good way to achieve a young audience, just as Marco Aldany wanted in its briefing.
  • To reinforce Marco Aldany’s image we created a transmedia experience. The experience consisted on a route throughout the different establishments were people could scan different QR codes in order to get promos.

Paralelly, different print ads placed on the bus stops would include a slogan and a QR code so that the audience could scan it. Once scanned, short bus stories would appear on the phone. With this experience, people would be engaged with the story and so with the brand. In social networks, people could share their stories under the hashtag #wildnessattracts

This is the webpage that we created to announce the transmedia experience